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ProLiant ML370 G6

Bernard Luksich
Occasional Advisor

ProLiant ML370 G6

This server is running ESXi 4.0 and is having issues with detecting all the ports on the NIC card (NC375i).

We had the machine booted and running just fine. All four ports on the NIC were working for the past three months.

Today we rebooted the server and when ESXi came up, it only reported three (3) ports on the NIC. This of course causes a few virtual machines to be off the network. That problem was fixed by quickly assigning them to the other ports.

However, we had this problem one month before going into production. A boot of the machine brought the machine up with only three ports instead of four.

What is going on here. Any help is really appreciated.

Carl Christopherson
Occasional Visitor

Re: ProLiant ML370 G6

We're seeing exactly the same problem on multiple ml370 G6 machines. We really need HP to get involved here. We've tracked it to the point of discovering that there are only 3 nics showing up in bios. Yet, the ILO reports 4 nics!!!!! Obviously, there are only 3 nics really available for use to the os. How is it possible that the ILO GUI sees hardware that isn't available in BIOS???!!!

We really need HP to help here.