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ProLiant ML530 Won't Power - Failure LEDs

Ron Vanderveer_1
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ProLiant ML530 Won't Power - Failure LEDs


I have an ML530 that was running perfectly this morning, I swear! :-) This is a dual-1GHz processor, two drive bay, standard ML530 rack, with a SmartArray 5300 controller. Nothing crazy installed hardware-wise.

Now I cannot get the machine to power up, and I mean nothin! I am receiving two Internal failure LEDs on the motherboard near the processors, which according to the instructions on the cover indicates that the processors have failed, or they are not seated properly.

The only thing I did between this morning and this afternoon (i.e. between working and dead) is that I swapped the hot-swappable drives in the ML530 for some other drives that I had from another Proliant. The drive speeds are different but they are otherwise equal, and I assume they are swappable.

I have reseated both processors numerous times, and I have reseated all the memory and the fans. I am stumped. I find it hard to believe that both processors failed simultaneously just by me changing drives!

Any ideas from the group?
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Re: ProLiant ML530 Won't Power - Failure LEDs


have you replaced the drives that were the source of the system change?

Does the server POST without the drive you installed?

Do you have two Power Supplies installed in the server? You must have two power supplies installed to run both drive cages on the ML530.
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Re: ProLiant ML530 Won't Power - Failure LEDs

you can try this:
-reseat your PPM's (processor power module)
-try booting off one CPU and one PPM
-try moving back to the old disks
-try taking the cable off the array controller and see if it powers up
-try taking out the array controller and see if it powers up
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Re: ProLiant ML530 Won't Power - Failure LEDs

Hello Ron, can you please tell me what was the problem finally? I seem to have the same problem. Both processor status leds are amber, but I know the CPU's are ok. Thanks in advance.