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ProLiant ML570 Memory board problem

Nick Brennan_2
Occasional Advisor

ProLiant ML570 Memory board problem


We are trying to install a memory board onto a ML570. We have 8 matched 512Mb PC1600 dimms on the board.

When the server is switched on, the memory board will run the self-test on each of the slots. After this point, the dimm slot LEDs go unlit ("DIMM not installed"), and the status light on the memory board flashes ("Board is busy/ not yet on-line").

We've trying switching the dimms, removing memory 'til only 1 set of matched dimms are in slot A, and get the same thing. We've tried switching to different sets of dimms, no joy.

The strange thing is, the server initially booted OK - seems strange that it would be a faulty board if it booted at first?

Any suggestions or much appreciated.

Ain't life grand......