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ProLiant Rack Enabling Kit

Chris Yue
Occasional Contributor

ProLiant Rack Enabling Kit

Does anyone have any pictures or documentation for the tower to rack kit mentioned below? It is for a ML310 G5. I went through the users guides and service and maintenance guides for this server as well as a few others that use the same kit, and found nothing.

This is described as a tray on several websites, and I want to see how it mounts, and if it's applicable for use in a telco rack.

Any advice would be appreciated.

ProLiant Rack Enabling Kit (RoHS Compliant)

NOTE: This is a 5U Rack Enabling Kit that supports the HP ProLiant ML110 and HP ProLiant ML310 servers.
NOTE: Support for racks with round or square mounting holes (including all Compaq and HP Rack System /E and HP Systems), with an adjustment range of 24" - 36".
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Re: ProLiant Rack Enabling Kit

Yellow :)

Can you give the exact rack-model, which you want to try? Normally these kits should fit into hp racks. You could try to compare your rack wit the HP 10642 rack, for example.
Chris Yue
Occasional Contributor

Re: ProLiant Rack Enabling Kit

Thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately I was unable to get a brand or model from our customer. This isn't a round/square hole rack designed for server platforms, and they are aware that it's not a supported mounting solution.

I've attached a picture of the location.

It's a 2 post 19-inch wide telco rack typically used for patch panels/switches, and has threaded holes with bolts.

The rear clearance also means they cannot mount one of the DL's flush with the front. What I'm hoping is that this tray can be mounted to the rack, and a ML server can sit on it's side on the tray, and also to confirm if this is possible, is the server secured to the tray in any way?

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Re: ProLiant Rack Enabling Kit

Hmm, I see the picture and this rack is not very different from the HPs'. I don't know what to say - I want to say "yes it will fit", but in the same time I don't want to lie to you.

The thing that gives me a hope is this sentense from the quickspecs:

The HP Rack 10000 G2 Series racks are industry standard 19 inch RETMA standard and will support third-party equipment designed to mount on 19 inch wide

So... maybe the server will fit in the other rack too.


Andrew Young_2
Honored Contributor

Re: ProLiant Rack Enabling Kit

Hi Chris

The part number you have quoted is a rail kit and not a tray.

HP do offer trays namely:
Monitor/Utility Shelf (Graphite) 253449-B21
100 Kg Sliding Shelf Kit 234672-B21
although of the parts assume a 10000 series rack depth

In your case you might also consider the following:
Depth Adjustable Fixed Rail Kit
which is a rail kit meant to fit in third party racks.

My experience with telco racks is that they lack the depth to fit most servers.

Ideally the distance between the front and rear posts should be around 735mm although manufacturers and models vary around that width. Telco racks on the other hand can vary between 470mm and 640mm (these are measurements based on the different racks we have).

So a measurement of the rack depth would be the first start.


Andrew Y
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