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ProLiant "disaster recovery"


ProLiant "disaster recovery"

When installing MS patches on ProLiant servers, I use to take off the second hard disk of the mirror containing OS. The disaster recovery procedure (insert disk1, take off disk0, F2, F1............)did not work properly on a DL380 G3 server. Now I'm no more able to login into the domain, I can only login with local accounts.
I'd like to know if this procedure is still valid and, if it's not, if there's another way to rollback.
Leon Rosier
Respected Contributor

Re: ProLiant "disaster recovery"

the procedure should be still the same. Safer way to do it is: Power down machine. Pull 1 disk -F2 -F1...
But if you want to start from the pulled disk for recovery: first do a system erase to empty all smart array settings. Then place pulled disk back in its original position and switch on server......

I guess the problem you have now is due to the fact that you lost your network settings.
After restoring them you should be able to login to the domain again.