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Re: ProLiant w/SA6400 with unflushed data in cache

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ProLiant w/SA6400 with unflushed data in cache

I have a client using a ProLiant ML350 and a Smart Array 6400 array controller. He replaced a failed hard drive several days ago and noticed today that he has the following message displayed while viewing the Array Configuration Utility: ?The current array controller has valid data stored in its memory. The data will be written to the drives once the controller becomes idle?. He would like to know that this message means, how to clear it, etc. Any help would be appreciated getting him an answer. Thanks!
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Re: ProLiant w/SA6400 with unflushed data in cache

The message means that data was sent to the drive as it failed and got as far as the cache on the controller but the drive could not accept the write from cache to disk so the unwritten data is left in the cache. If the data has not written to the replaced drive then I guess it was a jbod or the lun was corrupted. Look in ACU for an option to "destroy unflushed data" for the controller as it's now just a fragment of data from an old i/o operation that is taking up usefull space in memory. Otherwise take out the card and remove the batteries, then the cache will discharge.
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