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ProLiant with Fedora

Mohamed Ashraf Mahir
Occasional Visitor

ProLiant with Fedora


I know that Fedora is not supported by HP, but I have this particular question in mind and I hope someone out there has a good answer for it.

I have just installed Fedora Core 3 on an HP ProLiant ML370 Rack server. I have 4 harddisks in a Raid 1 configuration with 1 logical drive.

After successful installation (http install method), I was not able to boot using the hard disks. The boot order is set to Hard disk as number 1, and the disk specific boot configuration says Smart Array as the first device.

Either GRUB was not properly installed into the MBR or the boot order configuration is not correct.

Has anyone had this issue on an experimental session? Does anyone know any solutions?


Ivajlo Yanakiev
Respected Contributor

Re: ProLiant with Fedora

Install lilo :)

and you no need 4 disks into raid 1
this is just waste of disks :)))

Generaly RAID 1 is 2 disks config
3 disks is more than best.
4 disks is just waste.

better make 2 X RAID 1 array :)
Regular Advisor

Re: ProLiant with Fedora

l had the same problem using fedora Core 3 Test 3 on a DL360 G3 (2 disks in RAID 1).

l was able to install Redhat 8, and then upgrade to fedora C3 T3 successfully.

When the final Fedora Core 3 came out l was finally able to install successfully.

Fedora will not install on the 6i smart array (the DL360 G3 uses 5i).

FYI: l also found a bug on Core 3 final. When you mod the disk partitioning after using the auto partition, Fedora will not be able to create the volume.

Hope this helps.
Bernd Nowak_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: ProLiant with Fedora

I had tried it but in the new fedora is no lilo to choose. So I installed Redhat 8 and installed fedora after it. Works fine with Grub now.
If I could install the HP Support Pack all would be fine ;)