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ProLient 8500 and Microsoft Security Patches.

Ilya Gorelik
Occasional Visitor

ProLient 8500 and Microsoft Security Patches.

Hi, I have two ProLient 8500 servers running Win2k Advanced SP 4 with Microsoft cluster atached to Compaq SAN. It is a very critical SQL Cluster and has not been patched for a while. I am about to run Windows Update and was wondering if there are any known issues with HBA drivers or anything else.

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: ProLient 8500 and Microsoft Security Patches.

Ilya there is no straight answer, what could happened. None of updates made intentionally to cause any problems, however it's known that: updates, changes, patching or etc ... LEAVE SMALL % OF RISK, for corruption that can cause data lost. Patches can conflict with ANY PRESENT SOFTWARE that running at your server or it might cause some services go down, problem with existing configuration or being corrupted, also it can depend on the revision of existing software and HW firmware.
BTW: some patches are recommended in order to get hardware working correctly.
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