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ProLient DL380p Gen 7 Processor amber LED

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ProLient DL380p Gen 7 Processor amber LED

Took over a project from a previous employee, so I don't have much background info. 

This ia a 2-processor system that they added HDD's and memory to (I checked and the HDD's and DIMM's are compatable with the system). I had to re-configure the DIMM's.

 When I power the server the monitor remains blank but does get a signal. The Processor LED's both remain amber starting at the initial power-on. No other LED's are lit.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Re: ProLient DL380p Gen 7 Processor amber LED


a. Is this a DL380p Gen8 server or DL380 G7 server?

b. Please check the memory configuration mentioned in the quickspecs of the servers. 

DL380p Gen8 [Pg 58] :

DL380 G7 [Pg 40] :


Shruthi (HPE Employee) 


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