ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)

Proactive monitoring of disk drives

David Barrington
Trusted Contributor

Proactive monitoring of disk drives

I am trying to find the easiest way to access drive status on Proliant servers.  (not just receive traps...)


Proliants are very much in a minority here, so we do not have any incentive to run SIM - we already centralise all our monitoring on OMW(8).  So the easy way ought to be to snmpget the status OIDs (from the local OM agent opctrapi), if we can identify what they are.


I have installed what looks like the minimum you need: the packages hp-health and hp-snmp-agents.  Then I have edited /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf to glue these together (hpsnmpconfig), as per instructions.  So I should now be able to see OIDs like . cpqDaPhyDrvStatus (am I on the right track here?).


But despite adding the line "view  systemview included  .1"  to smpd.conf, and restarting snmpd, I still don't see any disk data coming out in snmpwalk.  I need to prove this data is available before configuring some OM MIB-read policies (or using any that are available already..?).


(Incidentally, where is the MIB that relates to this?  So far I can only find the summary files in /opt/hp/snmp-agents/mibs, which are not in standard mib format.)


What have I missed out?  I have seen other posts that imply this is all you need.