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Problem Rebooting ML150 G3 (win2003)

Pedro Taveira
Occasional Contributor

Problem Rebooting ML150 G3 (win2003)


I have a ML150 server and it is happening something since the first day.

Everytime that I restart Windows 2003 server, when it is booting, hangs on a screen with only a DOS cursor '_'.

This happens when I have a USB Hard drive of lacie connected and if I don't disconnect this USB drive and also disconnect from power the server for some seconds it wount boot.

After removing the USB drive and switch off from the plug (and then on) for some seconds, it will boot normally.

Any idea on how to solve this? I've already runned a checkdsk and it didn't solve it.
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem Rebooting ML150 G3 (win2003)


you can try updating to latest system rom

but in general HP server does not behave properly with USB devices like external HDDs

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Pedro Taveira
Occasional Contributor

Re: Problem Rebooting ML150 G3 (win2003)

That didn't solve, as I have already that version...
Peter Egan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problem Rebooting ML150 G3 (win2003)

Please check you Bios boot settings. If they are set to boot from a USB device first and your USB device is not bootable then this is exactly what can happen. Remove the USB deive and all will be ok. Alternatively change the boot order.