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Problem in DL580 G7

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Problem in DL580 G7

Hi i use 3host with 512 GB ram in DL580 with X cluster in Vsphere 5.5 u1 last moth i have standlone host for mangeing my eva 6000 .my eva must b user HBA for mangeing the Vdisk ,I use standlone host (ESXi 5.0.0) use direct pass one HBA card in HP VM every thing is OK but when use that HBA card in new cluser have the problem (attach picture) when start the VM

I tray every thing

exp: update ESXi to lastest version(5.5 V1746018)

Update the serve with SPP2014020B

exit the Host from Cluster

use other port like USB but the problem still running

user an other Host (Other ESXi host in cluster)


when in use DL380 g7 and try to update ESXi and host every thing is OK

Picture number 2