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Problem in establishing connection with a DL 360 server

Occasional Contributor

Problem in establishing connection with a DL 360 server

Hi all, I have been facing a problem to establish data connectivity with a HP DL Proliant 360 (G4) server. One port of the server has been connected to a switch port by an ethernet cable,Necessary IP configuration in server and switch-router end has been made. and tracerroute are not being succesful upto the server.Ping and Traceroute reach the gateway of the correspoding VLAN but do not reach the last hop at server end .


It is mentionable that an attempt was made to change the speed of physical link between switch-server from 100 to 1000,but it come back to 1000 through auto-negotiation with server end.This indicates the physical link is  probably ok.Configuration in corresponding switch & router is also alright.


The existing IP configuration of server is attached. (eth2. 967 is the problematic subinterface where desired traffic is not being passed )


Can anyone please provide a solution to this problem.Thanks.