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Problem rebooting ML350 G6 (SBS 2011)

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Problem rebooting ML350 G6 (SBS 2011)

Integrated Lights-Out 2 Standard

iLO 2 v2.08 Dec 09 2011 (IP unknown)

Slot 0 HP Smart Array P410i Controller (0MB, v5.14) 1 Logican Drive

Rebooting server leads to Non-System disk or disk error.  This has occured ever since a bad drive was replaced.

System was restored from backup after changing raid 5 to raid 10

When I use control R it comes out with the following errors

1779-Slot 0 Drive Array - Replacement drives(s) detected OR priviously failed drive(s) now appear operational: Port 1I: Box 1: Bays 2,4 Logical drive(s) disabled due to possible data loss.

Selecting F2 gives next error

1716-Slot 0 Drive Array - Unrecoverable Media Errors Detected.... Errors will be fixed automatically when sector(s) are overwritten.

I find no problems after running HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition for Windows and the server runs normally.  But after installing windows updates I have to restart the server and use control R or the system runs an endless loop without running the raid 10 setup.  I've been running like this for a long time.  Any help would be welcome.