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Problem reinstalling windows 2003 server on dl160g5 ......

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Problem reinstalling windows 2003 server on dl160g5 ......

Here’s my problem.

I have all the necessary drivers and media to reinstall Windows 2003 server on the DL160G5. I put the drivers for the SATA/SAS controller on a USB pen drive and put it in the USB port. Stick in the installation disk. All goes well. It finds the USB drive during the installation process but gives an odd message:

"Windows Driver For Smart Array SAS/SATA Controllers (NOTE: Virtual Install Disk must be disabled in RBSU (F9 during boot) to use the floppy!!!)"

RBSU = Rom Bios Setup Utility

I ignored this first time and when it got to the installation part it only showed the USB device drive (as c:) as an available drive to install/repair the o/s. While the storage array drivers were accepted and appear to be correct the array does not appear at all.

Okay I thought I'll try to perform the disabling that was instructed. I reboot the server but there is no F9 option at any stage in the boot process. There is an F10 option that gets you into the Rom Bios Setup Utility. However there is no option here to disable the virtual install disk.

The RBSU that we have on the server has no similarity to the one in documentation

I'm in the position right now where I do not know how to get the drivers for the raid array installed since if I do it with any USB devices on they are recognized and the raid array never appears as a drive during the installation process.

I need help.
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Re: Problem reinstalling windows 2003 server on dl160g5 ......

Problem solved.

Here's what I did.

I got an external 3.5' floppy disk drive (usb) and installed the necessary drivers on to it. During the installation process it was seen as a: and accepted the drivers. After that it was all plain sailing - no problems after that ...

Apparently there's something called the HP USB which simulates a floppy disk drive. That may be more obtainable than a floppy disk drive ...