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Problem with CONREP Utility

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Manuel Boosch
Frequent Advisor

Problem with CONREP Utility



im running the conrep Utility (ver.3.30 form smartstart scripting toolki win32 edition 8.70) at a HP Proliant DL380 G7.


the problem is that the server platform is not recognized:


conrep -s -ftest.xml
conrep 3.30 - SmartStart Scripting Toolkit Configuration Replication Program
Copyright (c) 2007-2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

System Type:
ROM Date :
ROM Family :
Processor Manufacturer : Unknown

XML System Configuration : conrep.xml
Hardware Configuration : test.xml

File contains global platform restrictions
Global Restriction: [minimumconrepversion ] OK

Platform check:
: [ProLiant DL120 G7 ] no match
: [ProLiant ML110 G7 ] no match
: [ProLiant DL3 ] no match
: [ProLiant ML3 ] no match
: [ProLiant DL5 ] no match
: [ProLiant ML5 ] no match
: [ProLiant DL7 ] no match
: [ProLiant DL9 ] no match
: [ProLiant BL ] no match
: [ProLiant XW ] no match
: [ProLiant WS ] no match
: [ProLiant SE ] no match
: [ProLiant SL3 ] no match

Unable to continue with this system information file.


Any Suggestions ? Do i need to download any new server informations or sth ?



Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with CONREP Utility

System Type:
ROM Date :
ROM Family :
Processor Manufacturer : Unknown"

Looks like that's what it checks.

Could you check in ILO/BIOS and see if maybe you could put the details in there? Or maybe there's some other kind of dependency that conrep needs that's not installed?
Manuel Boosch
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Re: Problem with CONREP Utility

i only want to edit/copy the bios settings


i have one dl380 G7 unconfigured - booting with winpe 3.0. And one network share (dl 380 g7 too, with win2k8r2), where the SSSTK from smartstart ver 8.70 is installed.


after booting into winpe 3.0 i copy the hpsstkio.sys into x:\windows\system32\drivers

then using drvload the hpqilo3core.inf


then mapping the network shared folder where conrep resists and using the conrep -s function.


then the server platform is not recognized.


i used the same procedure for a dl380 g4 and it worked - with dl380 g7 - no platform match.


this problem only persists when im using winpe 3.0 ...


i saw when im opening a cmd on the network share server and using conrep the platform is recognized.





Jimmy Vance
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Re: Problem with CONREP Utility

To integrate the toolkit into winpe 3.0 take a look at the readme.txt file under the hpdrivers directory in the toolkit 8.70 package. You need at minimum hpsstkio.sys copied to \Windows\system32\drivers along with loading the health and iLO drivers.

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Manuel Boosch
Frequent Advisor

Re: Problem with CONREP Utility



i followed the introduction in the readme.txt in the winpe30 folder, created a new winpe30 image and now he platform is recognized!


Thx alot! :-)