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Problem with CPQRACK-MIB

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Problem with CPQRACK-MIB

I'm managing many Proliant ML an DL with Nagios. They're all running Windows 2003 server.

I'm using a SNMP plugin to interrogate MIBs and I'm running under problem only with the CPQRACK-MIB. When I browse this MIB, I've got answers with the first four OIDs but after I've got no answer. How can I do to fix this ?

I Need this OID : cpqRackPowerSupplyCondition = '

I'm also using Insight manager with VCA Agent to maintain my servers.

Thank you for giving a way to rebuild this MIB
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Re: Problem with CPQRACK-MIB

Do you have a power supply in your rack that feeds two or more servers simultaneously? If not, this MIB is not applicable to you.

I think this is currently only applicable to servers in a blade chassis = BL series servers. Maybe in the past Compaq had (or at least considered building) some server solutions that included a common monitorable power supply element for the entire rack. That would explain the naming of the MIB.

The Proliant Support Pack includes monitoring drivers for all current Proliant products, so the rack/chassis monitoring support is included in all Proliant servers. It just disables itself if there is no common chassis to monitor.