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Problem with GF 7300LE card in S3130.UK

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Problem with GF 7300LE card in S3130.UK

Today my friend asked me to take a look on his PC.
The things is monitor getting blank.
It's not even showing BIOS screen etc.
It just getting blank after displaying a text box "no input signal and after few seconds changing to montior is going to sleep" (or something similar)

On-board graphic unit is working fine.
PCI-E slot has got priority in BIOS
Cooler fan on 7300LE is spinning all the time.
When i using Vista Premium (32bit) system it's not detecting that graphic card. (just showing my on-board card which is GF6150LE)
I thought it's due to power consumption so
I disconnected DVD drive but without any result.
MSI 7300LE V056 v3.0 does not have a VGA output just DVI and S-Video so i am currently using a dvi2vga converter
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Re: Problem with GF 7300LE card in S3130.UK

wrong section.sorry