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Problem with HP DL380G5. Please help


Problem with HP DL380G5. Please help



I am having an issue  with HP DL380G5 server which has WINDOWS 2008 system installed on it.The system restarts occasionally and I could not find any serious error messages in Windows system logs expect for the one which tells me that "The previous system shutdown was unexpected"


When I looked into HP log viewer I found two critical errors:


Network adapted link down( slot 0, port 2)

ASR Detected by System ROM


Has anyone faced that kind of problem before? Could please give advice how  it can be resolved.


Thank for your help in advance.


Re: Problem with HP DL380G5. Please help


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Re: Problem with HP DL380G5. Please help

The ASR kicks in when the OS stops responding to it's heartbeat messages.


I'm not sure, but I think the heartbeat is provided by the "HP ProLiant Health Monitor Service" or maybe just the Foundation Agents.  If the system is under extreme load and some high priority task was using 100% of CPU and the health or agent service was unable to respond to the heartbeats sent by ASR, it could have assumed the server was hung and triggered a reboot.


Sometimes the ASR will also trigger if there's an unrecoverable memory error, but usually that would be logged by the integrated mangaement log (IML).  Since the only thing IML said, besides that ASR rebooted the system, was about a NIC problem, I doubt that triggered the reboot.



I probably mangled how ASR works, but try reading the info here since it lays out a good (and hopefully accurate) overview of how it works: