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Problem with HP Server DL180 G5

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Problem with HP Server DL180 G5

I am these facing the problem with HP Server DL180 G5

1. Amber light is ON

2. Green and Amber lights are blinking continuously.

Why is it so ?
How to solve these problems? Please help
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Re: Problem with HP Server DL180 G5

How to solve:

1.) Go to web page

2.) Select "See support and troubleshooting information".

3.) Type in "DL180 G5" to the product field and press Enter.

4.) On the next page, click on "Manuals (guides, supplements, addendums etc.)" under the sub-title "Resources for HP ProLiant DL180 G5 Server series".

5.) On the next page, find "ProLiant DL180 Generation 5 Server Maintenance and Service Guide" under "Service and Maintenance information". Download it and start reading.

6.) The Table of Contents tells you there's an entire chapter about "Connectors, switches and LEDs" starting from page 69. Looks promising, skip to that page.

7.) The individual LEDs and their meanings are listed on pages 75-80.

If this does not help, please use the LED names and/or pictures on the above-mentioned pages of the Maintenance and Service Guide to describe *exactly* which LEDs are doing what. Please don't make another new thread; just reply to this one with more details.

This server has many LEDs. Without knowing which LEDs you're talking about, we would have to guess - and most of us hate guessing when it would be so very easy to get accurate information instead.

I *guess* you're talking about hard disk LEDs. If so, then:

> 1. Amber light is ON

The disk has failed and is now totally "dead". Replace it with a spare part.

If this disk is in the same RAID set as the disk in your problem 2, replace it as soon as possible: RAID1 and RAID5 can handle the failure of one disk without any data loss, but if two disks in the same RAID group fail, you'll lose your data.

If you'll need to wait a long time before getting spare disks, at least make sure you have a full backup of the system.

> 2. Green and Amber lights are blinking continuously.

The disk is still doing something, but its internal diagnostics indicate it might fail soon. Make sure you have a spare disk easily available for that situation.

Direct link to the DL180 G5 Maintenance and Service Guide:

I'd also recommend you to read this:

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Re: Problem with HP Server DL180 G5

Unfortunately, Pages 75-80 of the S&M Manual at do NOT cover the LEDs on the System Board. Even though it says on Page 75:

"This section contains illustrations and descriptions of internal and external status LED indicators located on the:
- Front panel
- Rear panel
- System board

I have been unable to find any description of the System Board LEDs.