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Problem with HPE ML30 GEN10 E224 graphics

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Problem with HPE ML30 GEN10 E224 graphics

Good day.

Having a little issue with the graphical aspect on a HPE ML30 GEN10 E224 server.
The machine stutters left and right when the Matrox g200eH3 drivers are installed.
Tried older versions but the problem persists.

Any ideas?


Another issue just appeared..

After installing a PCi Raid card, the server slaps me with a FAN1 error message..
Any way to bypass this?


Re: Problem with HPE ML30 GEN10 E224 graphics

For the matrox, I'd double check that you're using a supported OS version and monitor settings. It's mostly meant for basic video out for setup/crash cart activities so the features are basic and going outside of what it's qualified to support can cause issues. If you check that and still have issues, I'd recommend opening a support case. If you want to use a greater resolution or color depth than it can support (ie using it like a desktop with a higher res screen), I'd recommend adding a low end Nvidia quadro GPU to the system, such as the P1000.

For the fan, no you can't get around that. Adding the RAID card requires that you also add an additonal fan/baffle kit to the system for proper cooling. The part you'll need for that is P06303-B21

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Re: Problem with HPE ML30 GEN10 E224 graphics


Kindly share the riser card part number as well as the complete FAN error message.

Or open a support case.

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