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Problem with Netware 6.5 on Proliant Server using SIM

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Jerome Hains
Occasional Visitor

Problem with Netware 6.5 on Proliant Server using SIM

I have install 2 DL360-G3 with netware 6.5 both with Support Pack 7.40A. But when I look Software Version Information on the System Management Homepage, there are missing HP Insight Management Health Agent, HP Insight Management Remote Insight Agent? But I dont understand why if I do the same on both server. So I cannot see the status on Correctable Memory, Environment, Power Supply and Power Converter.

I hope you understand my problem and please pardon my bad english.
Ed Fierst
Occasional Contributor

Re: Problem with Netware 6.5 on Proliant Server using SIM

Hi Jerome. There are a couple things to verify on what the problem might be.

1) verify that CPQSNMP or HPSNMP is in autoexec.ncf (nwconfig at the server prompt - edit autoexec.ncf). HP utilities usually put this toward the bottom of the load order. If not to verify which is the correct load statement at the server prompt type in cpqsnmp or hpsnmp and see if all the systems insight manager agents load.

2) if CPQSNMP is loaded what i typically do is add the following before the load statement:

cpqsnmp or hpsnmp

cpqhlth loads the health driver, cpqsnmp loads the insight agents and cpqri loads the remote lights out module

3) if you want to reconfigure the agents at the server prompt type in
cpqagin - this will bring up a configuration window that will show you all the agents that can be monitored. I typically don't make any changes to this unless you have added hardware after the agents were installed.

4) to check to see what the status of the agents are from a web browser enter:

http://ipaddress or name of server:2301

you should be challenged with a login.
The default login is administrator with a password of administrator. If you see statistics on the agents - green, yellow and red on processor, storage, system, etc.

5) the last gotcha that i find is that SNMP might be called by another module and autoload with the default "public" community string. I recommend that you change this - inetcfg - SNMP - ? (sorry it has been a while since i have been on a NetWare server) but that should get you close. I tend to leave public as the monitor string but change the control to something else.

I hope this helps.