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Problem with SPP one ml350 gen10

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Problem with SPP one ml350 gen10


i'm having a problem while trying to update firmware on HP server ml350gen10.

i've downloader the SPP iso (bp-Convenience-download-201809-0.iso) , made a bootable key with this it and plugged the key on the server.

When the server boot on the key, a screen with two choices appear "automatic" or "manual" appears, but whatever is choosen i get the same error message : "invalid magic need to load kernel first."

The problem is that without an update ot the firmware the network card doesn't work.

Any help would appreciated.

best regards.

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Re: Problem with SPP one ml350 gen10

Hi m8, 


Did you try to download the latest SPP package from the below website.

Next step would be to check MD5 checksum if it is right and image has been downloaded without any corruption. 

If MD5 checksum is correct, could you check which utility tool you are using to create USB Media SPP? Are you using rufus or HPE USB Creator which you can find on the iso image and is recommended. 


Please lt me know of your progress. 




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Re: Problem with SPP one ml350 gen10

you need to use the usb utility contained in this ISO, did you do this?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Problem with SPP one ml350 gen10

Hi all,

I've got a similar issue but on a ProLiant DL360 Gen10. The method I'm using to load the Service Pack is by mounting the image as a virtual disk via iLO remote console. The same issue as described occurs: The white HPE screen loads with two options (automated and interactive) but whichever one you pick, you get the same error. A termnial screen appears and linux start to boot. It says you could not load the kernel and that it has an invalid magic number.

I have checked MD5 checksums on two different service pack images and the same happens every time. Also tried running this on iLO firmware version 1.45 and also the updated 2.10 with the same results. Also tried UEFI and Legacy boot modes but no success.


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Re: Problem with SPP one ml350 gen10


I am having the same problem. could anyone solve it?

thank you