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Problem with available RAM (ProLiant ML110 G7)


Problem with available RAM (ProLiant ML110 G7)



I've just bought 3 HP ML110 G7 servers. They are pre-configured with 2GB of RAM and I have bought some addtional RAM sticks from Kingston - 2GB 1333MHz DDR3 ECC Reg CL9 DIMMs. The problem is Windows Server 2008 R2 does not recognise the full amount, and the server itself is inconsistent with its reporting.


Here is the HP boot screen with 2x 2GB sticks installed:
































However, the system overview reports the correct amount:



And Windows itself gives me a bit of both...



I've tried two different memory modules and two different servers and get the same results. I've reset the NVRAM as per the instructions from HP support but that hasn't helped. I got told:


"If still OS does not detect all 4 GB please check with Microsoft for the same.
Please understand if that the server hardware is detecting 4 GB Ram installed then OS needs to be configured to detect memory correctly."


I'm not convinced this is an OS issue, as why would the BIOS have trouble reporting the RAM also? Is this an incompatibility with the RAM?


Please help!


Many thanks


Re: Problem with available RAM (ProLiant ML110 G7)



Please click here to access HP Quick Specs, go to memory section, you can get exact information on memory configuration and update.


You may also perform a RBSU update, Click here to access the HP Driver Download Link.



Just a breif Memory specs :


PC3-10600E unbuffered DDR3 ECC up to 1333 MHz
DIMM slots
Total 4 DIMM slots
2GB (1 x 2GB) or 4GB (2 x 2GB)


Thank You!

Kanchi Sharma
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Re: Problem with available RAM (ProLiant ML110 G7)

> Bent pins on the CPU or on the socket  - Please open the chassis and check the sockets and the cpu for any bent pins ( When you do this , it would also reseat the cpu on the socket ) 

> Also check for any thermal paste is spread out of the processor socket ?


*** 90% of the time, it is the bent pins !!!! 

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Goutham Sabala
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Re: Problem with available RAM (ProLiant ML110 G7)



Having Similar problem to you too. Server came pre-installed with 2 x 2gb Samsung DDR3 ECC memory.


Went ahead and added 2 X 4gb Kingston DDR3 ECC memory and the system only still detects the original 4gb. Although in Windows Server 2011 it says in System Info that there is a total of 12gb of memory but only 4gb usable.....


I dont understand why this is happeing and there is no setting anywhere in the bios to determine the amount of usable memory.


Anybody else come across this?


Server model is : ML110 G7 E3-1240 HP SATA AUS Svr

running Windows Server SBS 2011 






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Re: Problem with available RAM (ProLiant ML110 G7)


In regards to this problem, turned out to be the wrong type of memory.


YOu must use ECC Unbuffered DDR3 memory for this to work in the HP server. 


ECC buffered/Registered Memory does NOT work





Re: Problem with available RAM (ProLiant ML110 G7)

Wanted to upgrade memory on my Proliant ML110 G6 server, and read your post, which mentions that the max RAM allowed is 16GB. Is this true? Can I not install additional RAM to increase the total maximum RAM to 32Gb or more?




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Re: Problem with available RAM (ProLiant ML110 G7)