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Problem with firmware update

Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Problem with firmware update


I have DL380 G5 with P800 and MSA60 (dual domain configuration).

I had to add another MSA60 disk shelf. Since it is opsolete product, I ordered refubrished shelf and second I/O module.

Controller recognized disks in "new" shelf and I could create new RAID set.

But I have to upgrade firmware on "new" MSA60 (second I/O module is blinking amber).


I did the following:


1. Booted server from firmware DVD. It recognized that first shelf has 2.18 firmware and second ("new") shelf has 2.16 firmware. And I selected that both shelfs should upgrade to 2.28. After 10-20 seconds I got error code 6 (component not found).


2. Booted server from firmware DVD with just "new" MSA60 attached to P800 ( and all hard disks pulled out). It did not recognize MSA60 shelf (did not offer MSA60 for upgrade, but recognized P800 with the newest firmware).  Then I created a RAID set from spare disk, because without disks P800 reported that array is not configured. I did that with one I/O module and also with both I/O modules in shelf. It did not recognized MSA60 disk shelf.


Did anyone have simular problem?


In vino veritas, in VMS cluster