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Problem with iLo on server HP DL 360 G3

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Problem with iLo on server HP DL 360 G3



I have a problem with the configuration of iLo interface on the server HP DL 360 G3. Based on the HP documentation, wizard to configure the iLo interface is called by pressing F8 while the server is booting. But I have no this settings! I tried to configure the iLo interface using HPONCFG utility, but the utility exits with an error "Unable to communicate with the management processor!"


That's what I took to resolve the problem:

- Update BIOS to version 2004.09.15 (P28)

- Update HP Insight Management WBEM Providers for Windows Server 2003/2008 to version

- Update HP Insight Management Agents to version

- Update HP System Management Homepage to version 7.2.2

- Update HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility to version

- Update HP iLo Management Channel Interface Driver to version

- Tried to assign an IP address to the iLo interface using DHCP and connect to the web console (did not work, apparently address has been assigned statically by previous administrator)

- Produced hot and cold reboot of the server (remove power cable and then re-connect it)


As a result, HP System Management Homepage show Management Processor status like none, and I still can not get access to configuration of iLo interface.

Oscar A. Perez
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Re: Problem with iLo on server HP DL 360 G3

iLO was probably disabled on that box.  


Open the hood and flip iLO security switch.  The F8 Prompt should be back and then, you should be able to re-enable iLO capabilities from the configuration menu.


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Re: Problem with iLo on server HP DL 360 G3

Oscar, thx for reply. Promlem solved by resetting iLo (cold reboot) and applying new firmware throw FTP