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Problem with new cpu(smp)

Patrick Kämpe
Occasional Visitor

Problem with new cpu(smp)


Have a problem with my HP ML330 server with a single 2.4 ghz xeon 533 cpu.
The problem is that I have bought a new 2.4ghz xeon 533 with exactly the same specifications on it besides stepping. I thought that it wouldn't be a problem.
But when booting up I get 805 unsupported processor detected and I thought directly that this issue was related to stepping.

The first thing I tried was to get the latest firmware update to the ML330 bios. No success with that. Firmware version that I have used is 4.04 D15 -11/01/2003.
So I took the new cpu and tried to run it in single. But the same error appears!
805 unsupported processor again, on post the bios shows exactly the same data.

So this is my big headache right now. Why don't the bios like my new cpu?
And what can I do about it?

Best regards

ernst limbrunner
Trusted Contributor

Re: Problem with new cpu(smp)

hi patrick

your name suggests that you are from germany.


if that is true just send me a mail to:


i will send you a tool to get all the cpu specs and the i can tell you more about your problem


beste gruesse aus niederbayern

ernst limbrunner

(11 jahre proliant erfahrung)
Patrick Kämpe
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problem with new cpu(smp)


Sadly I'm not from Germany :)

How can that program help me? I'm not able to boot any OS with my new cpu.
Only Rompaq software.
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with new cpu(smp)

Hi Patrick,

I agree that new BIOS should address the stepping error which usually produces the 805 message. Each release of BIOS almost always states "added support for latest Intel CPU's" etc. but in your case it's possible that the stepping level is not included in the latest BIOS. As a workaround can you contact your reseller and request an exchange for a lower stepping level if possible. A fix will probably be available in a later release but that won't be much use to you now.

Try the reseller where you purchased the CPU, they should be understanding enough to provide a replacement if you explain the situation.

I hope this helps,

Patrick Kämpe
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problem with new cpu(smp)

Thanks for the tip Brian!

Do not think my reseller would take the cpu back :/
It was a retail package from a very big component reseller in Sweden. They don't do that kind of support.

Any HP technician out there who can give me a hint on how to solve this problem?
The unsupported CPU is 2400DP/512/533/1.5V SL6VL Costa Rica
And the supported CPU is 2400DP/512/533/1.5V SL73L Costa Rica
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with new cpu(smp)

Well it is interesting to know that HP is still adding CPU ID matching to their BIOS still. This is all to force you to buy HP CPU's, or HP may say to guarr. compatibility. My guess is you need the matching step to match the CPU ID to the BIOS. I would contact the vendor you purchased the CPU from and tell hime you need that exact Stepping code and see if he will work with you.
There is no magic workaround.
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Leonard Davison
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Re: Problem with new cpu(smp)


This is a link to the Xeon processor spec. This verifies the different stepping and processor signature issue.
I do not think you will be able to get past this in a Dual Processor enviroment on HP hardware and I'm guessing that the microcode on the "new" chip will not be identified until a newer bios comes along.