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Problem with shutdown when high temperature on DL380 (DL580)

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Problem with shutdown when high temperature on DL380 (DL580)

Servers DL380 and DL580 work on Win2000, Win2003, Netware 6.5, Linux RH 7.3 with IM Agent. After crushing system of the cooling the server room (at night) the IM Agent send command shutdown when temperature was 73 degree celsius. All operational systems shutdown but energy on servers was active (funs worked). On dispays of all servers was "runing points".
That means this mode?
What adjust the server for full switching off the energy?
What change the level to initializing the high temperature (current 73 degrees celsius)?
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Re: Problem with shutdown when high temperature on DL380 (DL580)


Each server has in its bios a feature to enable the internal sensors for temperature. This is called ASR. (Automatic Server Recovery) These events are triggered by bad conditions which would otherwise harm the system (such as getting too hot).

The power stays on so it can, if able to and configured to, send you notice of the event via SNMP or modem. Look in the RBSU or use the System Configuration Utility to find what settings you have on the servers. This bios feature with the "health Drivers" loaded with the PSP on your O/S are why they shut down.

Take a read of this document:
Look on page 126.

Hope this helps! -john
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