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Problems Expanding Array

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Problems Expanding Array

Hi folks!

HW setup as follows

Proliant ML370

SA 6402 connected to internal as well as External Storage Works diskcabinett

Internal disks
2 * 18,2 GB RAID 1 (Array A)

external disks
7 * 72,8 GB RAID 5 (Array B)

All the related HW has the latest FW and drivers.

Now to my problems...

Array B was previously configured with 36,4 GB disks.
I've replaced all the 36 GB disks with 72 GB disks, one by one.

After I replaced all the drives, I got 240 GB of unused space in the Array. The original logical disk is 218 GB.

When I want to expand the logical drive, it only allows me to expand to 260 GB.

That gives me 180 GB of unused space...

Could the problem be that when the array originally was created they didnt choose max boot?

Im not sure, but if you dont choose "max boot" the max size of a logical disk would be 260 GB, if "max boot is choosen then the max size would be 512 GB

If so...

Do I have to delete the Array and start over again? Can i afterwards choose "max boot"?

A complete restore of the disk takes about 16 hours, naturally i want skip that scenario...

In other words...

Heeeeeelp! (:

Basil Vizgin
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems Expanding Array

Some advisory exists with symptoms like yours:

Array Configuration Utility May Not Allow Logical Drive Extension to the Maximum Capacity Displayed if the Logical Drive Size is Greater than 261000 MB

On an array created using the ACR.EXE Utility Version 2.6 (or earlier) from the SmartStart Scripting Toolkit, the logical drive may not be able to be extended to the maximum capacity as displayed in the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) Version (or earlier).When this occurs, the "Discard Changes" and the "SAVE" options will be missing from the ACU menu.


The Array Configuration Utility packaged with SmartStart 7.40 will allow the logical drive to be extended to the maximum capacity displayed.
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Re: Problems Expanding Array

Thanks for the advice!

Im not sure if ACR is used for this one, but i'll uppgrade to 7.40 and se if it helps

Trusted Contributor

Re: Problems Expanding Array

Uppgrade to the latest ACU did the trick...

Thanks for the help!