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Problems booting ProSignia 720 Server

Roland Ramjist
Occasional Visitor

Problems booting ProSignia 720 Server

I have a server which until recently ran fine. I decided to upgrade the disks and since then have been unable to boot the machine. Regardless of which device I try to boot from, floppy, ide hard disk drive, SCSI hard disk drive, IDE cdrom, IDE high density floppy, the system refuses to boot. It displays the message
Non-System or disk error
replace and strike any key when ready

I have tested the floppies and hard drives that it gives these messages with on other systems and they have worked fine. I reinstalled the drives that were in the system in the first place and they also refuse to boot.

I've obviously broken something when I replaced the disks. Can anyone provide any help?

Thanks, Roland.
Claude Boileau
Valued Contributor

Re: Problems booting ProSignia 720 Server

Hi Roland,
Most likely it???s the boot order not correctly set up. You can check the RBSU (rom base setup utility). Or you could also clear the nvram in the advance option. Also accessible by using f9 when booting up.
Hope this will help
Frequent Advisor

Re: Problems booting ProSignia 720 Server


did you have them on an array controller? if you do hopefully you didn't reconfigure the array when you replaced the drives? If you did,your going to probably have to restore the server.

if your using the internal scsi ports,check for invalid cabling and make sure your new primary SCSI drive is set to ID=0.

Hope this helps,
Semper Fidelis
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problems booting ProSignia 720 Server

i roland, not sure if this is of any help or not, but i have just had a similar problem with a prosignia 300
(never used one,no documentation,no software, hardware bought at an auction !!! just for fun. shot in the dark !!)

Tried all kinds of things to get this to boot, continued to get the same error message that you have, turns out that the floppy drive was shot !!. replaced drive downloaded compaq software, loaded configuration utility no problem. Apart from what to use it for !!
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problems booting ProSignia 720 Server

I'm having just the same problem with a DL360.
What can I do if even using F9 fails (it simply doesn't work)?