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Re: Problems finding BIOS upgrade for DL580 G5

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Problems finding BIOS upgrade for DL580 G5

I got a DL580 G5 with BIOS version P61, I tried to change its CPU from E7310 to X7460, and it didn't work. If there's only one X7460 CPU installed, the system boots fine and didn't give a single warning, but if there's more than one processor installed, the diagnostic light will blink red and the CPU Interlock light lights up as well. After some searching I found that it needs a BIOS upgrade. And there's where I ran into problems.

Apprantly, a second-handed server from about 10 years ago won't possibly have any warranties and service contracts left. But the download Page on the HPE website requires a warranty so I can't download the Online Upgrading software or the ROMPaq Package. I tried to search for these but I can't find them anywhere. If anyone knows how to download these things Please let me know.

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Re: Problems finding BIOS upgrade for DL580 G5

what version is installed?
version = date
p61 is family indicator only, not a version

Hope this helps!

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