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Problems mirroring the SDR


Problems mirroring the SDR

Looking on it seems the SDR structure for the SPP has been split up into different folders for the spp-g7, spp-gen8, spp-gen9 & spp-gen10. I can access these OK using HTTP but when I try to use rsync (as per the getting started page) I'm getting errors

rsync: link_stat "/repo/spp-gen9" (in SDR) failed: No such file or directory (2)
Have the new directories not been made available via rsync yet or has the naming convetion changed without the getting started page being updated to match?


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Re: Problems mirroring the SDR

I know some configuration changes were in the works with the split to the different generations.  I'm not sure this work has completed yet.

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Re: Problems mirroring the SDR

Thanks Jimmy,

The whole of had been giving me problems, even the latest RHEL6 updates for rsync core dumps when you try and look at the spp repository. Last night I tried from RHEL7 (which has a slightyl new version rsync) and was able to get a full listing. The new split out folders aren't showing up in the listing and so the New SPP isn't showing up either.

From the rsync server you can still only see the original combined spp
and not the new split out ones.