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Problems with DL380 Gen9 Smart Array

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Problems with DL380 Gen9 Smart Array

I've had a little trouble getting my DL380 Gen9 up and running..I ran the ProLiant SPP ISO to uprade firmwares but felt the system became less stable as a result, at one point the system got stuck on the Windows loading screen, it seemed to cause the fans in the server spin up as fast as possible which as you can image was incredibly loud, after a long time i had no choice but to hard reset it, this is when the bigger problems started.  


During post on the HP loading screen it said there was an error with Smart Array P440, it said something about cache being disabled and that it needed configuring, i re-configured the controller i even deleted the raid arrays and started again but now everytime i boot the system it says the same thing during post that the Array controller needs configuring.. i then get a warning in yellow saying there is errors, press F1 to continue or F2 to view them, pressing F2 takes me to 'Device Health Status' which shows:


Embedded : Smart Array P440ar Conteoller - Device configuration required, which then takes me to HP Smart Storage Administrator.


I can continue and everything works as normal... but how do i get rid of the error?


If i run diagnostic report on the controller i find only one CRITICAL error:  

Box failure due to primary IO module  


How to fix?  



Re: Problems with DL380 Gen9 Smart Array




Could you provide the complete error message that is encountered during POST and also, if possible attach the diagnostic report?


More details could help.





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Re: Problems with DL380 Gen9 Smart Array

More than one 440AR Raid issue in last week.


We have sold 3 of the Gen9 s now.


1 was installed for 2 weeks and just lost its drives, all of them.  They went Amber and disconnected in VMWare 5.5 as storage.  Upon reboot the configuration was lost.  Rebuild of VMWare and restore of VMs prevailed.  Not Cool.

Server was on latest build of HP version of VMWare load 5.5 with 1.34 firmware for P440AR.

HP support called and new controller on the way.


2nd server installed about 2 weeks - lost drives in the middle of the day with same amber lights showing for all drives going back and forth to green and amber.  Reboot of machine it at least found the configuration and is working again.


3rd server - we were about to install however, until we figure out this issue with the 440AR we are reluctant.


We are two for two having issues with the Gen9s and we really need to get a more serious feedback from support channels than we will replace the controller with a like controller.  I am think we are going to have the same issue.  It does not instill confidence, and if and when we have a second error on the same server we will be demanding a different controller than the 440AR, or return the servers.


I have been a fan of HP servers for 26 years... I hope they figure this out quickly as it will deter further server sales quickly.


I would love to know what the real issue is and a fix quickly.  Probably a firmware.

I would guess something with the SAS controller / Raid power and sensing.  Something abnormal is triggering the array to be offline by not sensing the channels available drives and then not recovering. 


Thanks - Case number availabie


Re: Problems with DL380 Gen9 Smart Array

I had the exact same problem with 2 DL380 Gen9. HP replaced the controllers to no avail, and FINALLY  I find a note on the website saying that the SAS expander firmware needs to be upgraded to 1.80 and that resolved the issue with the drives disapearing from the arrays when the server was rebooted. Talk about a major issue HP!




Re: Problems with DL380 Gen9 Smart Array

Goodbytes, did updating the SAS expander firmware fix the issue?