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Problems with ML110 G9 fans

Regular Advisor

Problems with ML110 G9 fans

Hello good afternoon.

I recently added a P440 hardware controller to the ML110 G9, and I also purchased the fan kit for the PCI. The operating system is Windows Server 2016.

Previously, when I was using only the integrated controller with two 120GB disks in RAID1 and four 6TB disks in RAID5 the fans were completely quiet, the percentage that marked iLO was constantly 6%.

Now, with the hardware update (I've also updated all the software with the SPP) and the fan kit, every 5 or 10 minutes (or a random interval) the whole server's fans run at a high speed, and at After a few seconds they come back down at the speed of 6%, and so it happens all day (the workload in general is very low).

When I incorporated the P440 hardware controller, I saw that its temperature was quite high, even having the ventilation kit, so I added a USB fan dedicated exclusively to the controller, and temperatures have dropped significantly. Previously it ran between 75 and 85 °, and currently has a constant temperature of 54 °.

Well, even having all the temperatures very good all over the server, I still have the high peaks of the fans.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Sorry for the whole explanation, but it was necessary.


Re: Problems with ML110 G9 fans

Regular Advisor

Re: Problems with ML110 G9 fans

Hello, thanks for answering.

The server is completely updated with the last SPP, but the problem that specifies the link that you sent me, remains the same. The fans are accelerated almost to the maximum during seconds, go down to the resting state, and after X minutes (in a random interval) the same thing happens again.

As I saw that the P440 controller was working at high temperatures, I decided to add a USB fan to keep the temperatures low, but it still has the same problem even if the controller is at low temperatures.

The server I have in a room at home, and the truth is that it is quite annoying the peaks of acceleration and the noise it makes. I do not know where I can find the solution to this problem. The server is new.

Thank you very much and greetings!