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Problems with PDU and no-break

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Problems with PDU and no-break


How can i plug a PDU HP (252663-D72) with L6-30P input plug in no-break APC SU3000RMXLI ( This no-break don't have L6-30R plug so it is impossible to plug them.
This no-break have one IEC-C19 and eight IEC-C13.
Exists any adapter or cable that I can use to connect the PDU to no-break?If not what should be the best solution?

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Re: Problems with PDU and no-break


According to the specification for the 252663-D72 (High Voltage 24 Amp (NA/JPN/LA) model), the unit is designed to connect directly into the facility input only.

Other models (-D71, -B24, -B21) may be connected to a UPS if required but the -D72 and -B31 are the exceptions.

Connecting it to a UPS may invalidate warranty and/or be a hazard due to the high VA capability of the units and their attached distribution boxes. I have pasted the details into the attached document which gives the specifications on each model.

I know it probably isn't what you wanted to learn but there will be safety reasons for this I'm sure.