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Problems with Proliant DL560 Gen 8


Re: Problems with Proliant DL560 Gen 8

Hello again,


it's been shy of 2 months now since this has happened. Tonight, I managed to update the Bios, Firmware, Array controllers and a bunch of other patches that were out of spec. Luckily I waited to do the upgrade because a couple days ago, a new firmware patch was released for the P420 array controller. this one is partial  to the esxi OS. 


I used the HP Service Pack for Proliant 2014.09.0_792934_001  iso file and contained all Bios and Firmware. 

As mentioned, I added in the  supplemental update for P420i controller. I added the .scexe file to the root of the bootable usb drive to include this update.



Currently running as of NOW, 

System Rom Date:    02/10/2014

iLO Firmware Version: 2.00 Jul 30 2014

HP Smart Array P420i Controller: Firmware Version 6.00 (now available)

Power Management Controller Firmware Version: 3.3


One noticeably was the battery being"charging" now is "fully charged"
I also upgraded ESXI from 5.5 to 6.00 and this fixed a few bugs.


I spoke to HP tech support about this, they said to process the updates exactly as I did above and to also to reset the NVRAM. (Instructions below). 


Power the server OFF. 
Disconnect the power cord from the server. 
Remove the access panel. 
Push and hold the power button down for about a minute. 
Set the System maintenance switch 6 to the ON position. 
Power the server back ON. 
After the server has completed the Power-On Self Test, power the server OFF (If display is present). 
Set the System maintenance switch 6 back to the OFF position. 
Power the server back ON.

Reasoning: Clearing NVRAM will resolve such issues as it will make the communication easy between the system board components and other hardware.


I personally, did NOT do this step. while working with extremely tight deadlines and lesser down time as possible, I didn't think this would help resolve my conflict. After the mass upgrade I just went through, I want to see what's happening. 


From all the listed items in the upgrade, I honestly believe what I experienced was a fluke with possibly a minor glitch in the old bios / firmware and or even something as simple as my APC UPS had a little hiccup and the power supplies went into protection mode. Many items have been upgraded and codes fixed in the interrum.  


I hope this post has helped other people try to resolve this unknown problem. 


#1 KEY ingredient - BACKUPS!!!  make sure they are running and check them periodically!!








Re: Problems with Proliant DL560 Gen 8



HP DL560Gen8


Upgraded vSphere to 5.5, after that updated the installation with update manager.


Final phase in the update process was running the 829873_001_spp_2015.06.0-SPP2015060.2015_0605.106.iso


Everything went fine and we took the server in production. After testing and finishing up we experienced the same issue.


Upgrade path:

- ESXi 5.1 to 5.5;

- Applied vSphere recipe 19 August 2015;


Firmeware revisions:

- System ROM : P77 2012.12.14

- ILO : 1.20

- PMC : 3.10

- NIC BC : 1.31 (331FLR)

- NIC BC : (530SFP+)


As a result the server booted again and showed us the message Power fault detected:

226 - Power Fault Detected - Embedded Storage Controller. Action: re-seat storage controller if removable. Otherwise contact HP Service....


Created a case with HP and they are replacing the MB ASAP;


Unfortunately ESXi is not booting anymore from the internal SD card remaining in an error :

VMware Hypervisor Recovery - BANK 5 invalid update counter resulting in no hypervisor found;


Anyone else an update on this issue ?