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Problems with SAAP license

Occasional Advisor

Problems with SAAP license

I have an unusual problem which I caused by offering to help a client upgrade a G7 system, a generation I'd skipped in my normal useage.   For reasons passing understanding it is necessary to purchase a license pack (saap) for a feature that is free on older systems (P400) and newer systems too.   During configuration I loaded an evaluation SAAP and enabled Raid 6.   Shortly after deployment a reboot allowed/enabled the CMOS time to revert to 2013 and as a result the SAAP license "expired" but no one noticed until the system was up and in service.


Now fast forward to today where the nature of the licence and the fratcuring of HP has left us with no one who can explain in detail how the licensing enablement would work if we did purchase a license (how one keeps the license enabled no matter what - is the license keyed to the server ID?  The Controller, S/N?  What happens if the controller is replaced?  What if the main board dies and HP replaces it?) and that pales to insignificance when we can't find an actual department in HP staffed by actual people who would take our money and actually provide us a bona-fide license.


Basically I want to give up.  Is there a way to revert a running system from Raid6 to Raid5 and do away with the idiotic license scheme?  Or is it necessary to tear it down and built a system from scratch?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Problems with SAAP license

What server model, and is it using the embedded controller?

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Re: Problems with SAAP license

DL380G7 -- yes, embedded P410i controller