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Problems with SL250 Gen 8 with Tesla cards

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Problems with SL250 Gen 8 with Tesla cards

Hello Everyone,


We just purchased a chassis and 2 SL 250s gen 8 servers w/nvidia tesla cards (purchased through HP) for a citrix project for highend remote graphics.  HP rep at CDW led us to this configuration and said it was fully supported with Citrix.  So far we have had nothing but problems.  Once the servers were built out we could not get any graphic applications to see anything more then the onboard video.  We had tried numberous configurations in the bios to no avail. 


We are at the point of wanting to return this equipment.  Since these servers are very new, HP support is limited.


Is there anyone out there that has experience with this configuration and Citrix?  Specifically Xenapp.


Here is what we have tried:

  • Disable onboard video
  • Pair them with Quadro cards
  • Flash the cards with bios supplied by NVIDIA to support Citrix.  This got citrix working but now we have lost console access via ILO or direct console. 

Any help would be appreciated


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Re: Problems with SL250 Gen 8 with Tesla cards

Can you PM me the serial numbers of the units you have please?



Jimmy Vance

Re: Problems with SL250 Gen 8 with Tesla cards

I have not worked with this particular server and card, but with the Workstation blade and the additional video mezzanine card there was a setting in RBSU to set the card to user, or admin mode. In user mode the video would not show up on the console. This setup might be similar



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