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Problems with SP2 for Windows 2008

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Problems with SP2 for Windows 2008

Important Information for all who are planning to upgrade Win2008 with Service Pack 2.

I just had a DL380G4 from a customer with the problem that everything worked fine until he installed SP2. The result is that the machine crashes after loading the first drivers and reboots. This loop goes on forever...

The cause of the problem are mismatched CPU types. In this case two Xeon 3.2Ghz/800/1M were used. One of them with type nr. SL7DX and one SL7PF.
The difference between the 2 proc. is that the DX has a different revision level and stepping than the PF. Processors with different steppings can be mixed according to Intel IF THEY HAVE THE SAME FAMILY LEVEL. But a guarantee is not given for proper function.

The SL7DX works perfectly as single processor with Win2008 SP2. It just doesn't work with the other CPU models.
I haven't tried if TWO SL7DX would work together... I have no second proc of the same type.

To solve the problem, use only CPU's with the same model numbers or models newer than SL7DX.
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