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Problems with disk mirror after changing hardware


Problems with disk mirror after changing hardware

I have a Proliant 5500 that is being retired, and I need to move the physical disks to a DL380G1.

I pulled disk 0 on the 5500 and placed it in slot 0 on the 380G1. Since the 5500 has a 221 controller and I am using the integrated controller on the 380G1, the 380 recognizes the disk and allows me to boot to the disk, the Windows OS comes up fine. The problem is that with just the single disk in slot 0, I was expecting the server to note that disk 1 was missing and allow me to place a disk in slot 1 on the 380, after the RAID controller was detected and I hit F2, and the mirroring would begin.
After hitting F2 I insert the disk but the server turns the disk off. If I go into the ACU It sees the disk in slot 1 as unassigned and the other half of the mirror as missing. It says until I replace the missing disk (SCSI Port 1 SCSI ID 1) I cannot make changes.
I suspect that this is because there are 2 SCSI busses on the 5500 and only 1 on the 380G1.
If I reboot the server the integrated controller is found and it says that I need to replace SCSI Port 1 SCSI ID 1.

This is something that I did about a year ago and I got past this, but don’t recall how. That server is working fine. I don’t believe this a supported action by HP but I still need to do it and know it can be done.

I have tried clearing the NVRAM and re-running the System Config Utility.

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Problems with disk mirror after changing hardware


I think the problem is more due to the embedded ROC chip on the DL380G1. Port 1 goes to the external SCSI connector at the back of the server for tape and basic SCSI support (non raid) and port 2 is the port which goes to the 4 drive bay at the front.

You have taken disks from a Smart Array 221 (Single Port) controller which must have had disks at Port 1 SCSI ID0 and Port 1 SCSI ID1 attached.

When you insert the first disk that was at Port 1 SCSI ID0 (On the 221) into the ROC, it reports that its missing member was at SCSI Port 1 ID1. The ROC has a Port 1 (even though it is external) so when you plug in the other disk which was at Port 1 SCSI ID 1 (on the 221) into the ROC (now physically at Port 2 SCSI ID 1) it doesn't associate this added disk with the mirror.

I'm sure there is a workaround for this but it might involve inserting a dual channel controller into the PL5500 (or DL380), attaching the cable from the SCSI backplane to Port 2 of the dual channel controller (with nothing on port 1) and the disks attached, saving the newly found configuration when it POSTS. This might let you put them back into the DL380 on the ROC, since both members configuration would now say that they are on Port 2 at SCSI ID0 and ID1.

It's maybe not the simplest of answers so perhaps there are others with a better suggestion. I also hope it makes sense.