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Problems with firmware update

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Problems with firmware update

Hi, sorry for my bad English.
I have two disks Seagate Barracuda ES.2 250GB SATA 7.2 (model GB0250C8045) who formerly worked in a Proliant ML150. For operational problems were replaced by two disks of 500GB.

They are currently running on a desktop pc, but fail (no longer recognized by the bios and are inaccessible)

Reading forums and support for hp find that it is a lot of problems with disks, which can be solved by upgrading the firmware of the disk.

Download the Firmware Maintenance CD "to boot but will not let me continue because it is requested from the Proliant server.

I sold the server and I can not access to a firmware update required.

There is a way to update the firmware of the disks in my desktop pc?
Michael Garner_1
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Re: Problems with firmware update

The Firmware CD is not needed for this because it is meant to run on servers.

However, you might be able to use the firmware component by itself. If you follow the link below, you can download the CP009913.exe file that should work on your desktop. Simply run the file and if the controller you have can be scanned by the internal flash engine, it will update the drives. If not, there's really nothing else that can be done except move it to a machine with a supported controller and re-attempt the flash.
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Re: Problems with firmware update

Thanks for responding. Try out the executable you mentioned, but send this error message.

"The software will not be installed on this system because the required hardware is not present in the system or the software / firmware does not apply to this system.
There were no devices found that could be loaded with the ROM Image. Press' Close 'to exit Setup. "

I connect the disk to the ML150, but I get the get the same error message.

There is another way to update the firmware of the disk?