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Process upgrade


Process upgrade

hey folks

i have a proliant ml310G4 with a pentium D 945.

I want to change this due to power reasons.
I know I can buy this model fitted with a Xeon 2.4Ghz which is the same as a Core2Duo E6600 which I have lying around.

The thing is, is that the pentium D uses an 800FSB while the E6600 used a 1066FSB.

Is the board in the ML310G4 compatible with the E6600 and the 1066FSB and does it just clock down to 800 for the pentium D's sake?

Or do the models with the Xeon come with a completly different motherboard?

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Re: Process upgrade


if you mean that both processors are compatible
*** I did not find this one in the quickspecs (E6600 used a 1066FSB) but yes they use the same motherboard

remember Front side bus is the speed which CPU communicates with other components mainly memory s in that case the motherboard support 800 as well as 1066 just remember when adding new processor or updating processors update the System ROM first

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Re: Process upgrade

ok that's great!

It's correct to say that an E6600 will consume less power than the pentium D?

Also, will this invalidate my warrenty?