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Program of SCO Unix ----> Linux

budi wahana
Occasional Contributor

Program of SCO Unix ----> Linux

Dear All

I have a program running on SCO Unix and now I will run it on RedHat 8, but I don't have the source program so I can not compile on Linux.

When I was trying run it on Linux, a message "program: /usr/lib/ bad ELF interpreter: no such file"
Then I copy from Unix to the /usr/lib, message is "segmentation fault"

Is it possible to run that Unix program on Linux, maybe by emulator or another ways?

I had searched many site but almost of them is solution for application of linux that run on SCO OpenServer.

Thank you all.
Michael Williams_6
Trusted Contributor

Re: Program of SCO Unix ----> Linux

Hi there, we've just finished porting all our code from SCO to Linux, and have been very pleased with the performance increase this gave us!

Unfortunately you will be unable to natively run your SCO programs on Linux as the kernel will be unable to interpret the requests. However, there are patches available for the kernel to allow you to do this, go to: