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Prolaint DL360 Gigabit NIC

Jeff Mitzel
Occasional Visitor

Prolaint DL360 Gigabit NIC

I have several Compaq DL360 G2 servers with the integrated Broadcom Q57 NIC's running Novell 5.1. I recently upgraded from rev. 2.14 to 2.34 and much to my amazement the two server's I had upgraded promptly fell off the network. I was able to discover that for some odd reason, the Q57 driver was overridding the burned in MAC address and replacing it with the same number on both servers. Has any one else seen this behavoir or discovered a solution. I have download 2.34 and 2.34C, but not 2.34b and have seen the problem, 2.14 does not display this behavior. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Jeff Mitzel
David C_3

Re: Prolaint DL360 Gigabit NIC

Try this:

If the LAN drivers are loaded in AUTOEXEC.NCF:

Make a backup copy of AUTOEXEC.NCF.
Modify the first occurrence of the Q57.LAN load line to include the parameter "CHECKSUM=OFF."
Save AUTOEXEC.NCF and restart the server.

If the LAN drivers have been configured using the Internetworking Configuration Console INETCFG.NLM:

Create a backup copy of NETINFO.CFG.
Modify the first occurrence of the Q57.LAN load line to include the parameter "CHECKSUM= OFF."
Create a backup copy of NETINFO.CHK.
Change the CHECKSUM value to "0."
Save NETINFO.CHK and restart the server.

Note: NETINFO.CHK may also be deleted, rather than edited. It will be automatically recreated when INETCFG.NLM is loaded with the correct checksum value.
John Saley
Occasional Visitor

Re: Prolaint DL360 Gigabit NIC

A newer version of the driver 2.38 should fix this udp problem per this TID

But I have not yet found this driver version posted anywhere.
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Prolaint DL360 Gigabit NIC


Q57.lan version 2.38 is now available in SP21930.exe from


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