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Prolian ML350.... Started...


Prolian ML350.... Started...

Well, today I have started with the server, I told you I was new...
I mount Raid 1 with two disk, and Raid 5 with the other three disks... logical drivers... all right...
But I am going to installa de OS using the SmartStart too.. and heres come something new for me...
The assistant tell me to install "SNMP"... to have full functionallity on the server... however for Insigh Manager... I have to write:

1- Cadena de Comunidad del monitor.
2- Cadena de comunidad de Centro.
3- Dirección IP del servidor de traps.

What is that ???

Please help me....


Re: Prolian ML350.... Started...

In English...

1- "Comunity Monitor String"
2- "Comunity Center String"
3- "IP Address of Traps Server"

What can I write to go on ????

Help me, please...
Adrian Bolster
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Re: Prolian ML350.... Started...

Which assistant? The software? If it's the software then you do not need to install SNMP, and can by-pass this.

Otherwise, these settings should be known by the network administrator. They tell the server which SNMP "server" to communicate to.

Good luck!

Re: Prolian ML350.... Started...

I am setting up a Prolian ML350 with SmartStart... it is the first time I do it... so after choossing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2... there is a step where I am asked about it... and it even sais that is reccomended to install SNMP (I don´t have clear what it is for)... and then I have to write down these three dates...

Re: Prolian ML350.... Started...

In the net it will be just the server I am setting up... so... do I by-pass this SNMP ???

What is SNMP for so... why the assistant recomend me to install it ??
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Re: Prolian ML350.... Started...


detailed SNMP(Simple Network Managemnt Protocol) description:

The driendly explanation what is SNMP:
SNMP is a standard(protocol) to "transport" information about your system to a system(Insight manager in your case).

With Smartstart(ProLiant supprort Pack in particulary) you installed the Proliant management agents, which monitor your server's "health" and with the help of SNMP report the problem. This means that without SNMP even if they detect something, you will probably not understand.

So by configuring SNMP you make a way for the info to pass to a central system where you can see graphically what is wrong(if something at all).

Go to control Panel-> Add/Remove programs->Windows components-> Network services-> Simple network man....

install it.

Then Start->run...-> "Services.msc"

Right click SNMP service-> Properties

Go to Traps , at Community name : enter public -> Add to List. Then click add...
enter the if you use System management homepage local or the ip adress of System insight manager...

Repeat the steps and add private.

Then go to communities.

choose public and give it READ/WRITE
choose private and give it READ ONLY.


Right click SNMP service and restart it.
Then in a browser enter http://localhost:2381 and pffff



Re: Prolian ML350.... Started...

I have done it as you told me, however nothing appears when I write


I just get a blank page....
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Re: Prolian ML350.... Started...

I made a mistake , it should be https , not http, but this is not the problem, you should be redirected

If SMH opens and you are able to login(on the right system model:unknown?), then you haven't configured SNMP in the right way, can you post screenshots of the traps and communities pages of SMNP properties?