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Proliand w/Smart Array 642 Expand RAID thorugh external subsystem

Thomas Meek
Occasional Visitor

Proliand w/Smart Array 642 Expand RAID thorugh external subsystem

I have Proliant ML370 G3 server running RAID 5, with Smart Array 642, hot swappable 18.2GB configuration running NetWare 6.0 SP5.

The internal Smart Array connection for the RAID 5 is maxed out at 6 drives. I need to increase free space for the server so I am seeking advice as to alternative expansions using the external connector to external subsystem.

Has anyone been down this road and what would they recommend in;

hardware selection, presuming HP external subsystems, and the Raid selection for that subsystem. Questions I have are in the following areas:

1. With internal connection maxed out, can
I use an appropriate subsytem with correct
sized hard drives and add to the RAID 5 or
must I create a seperate RAID, maybe RAID 1
for simplicity and add that to the POOL I
use for the NetWare Volume?

2. Those of use running NetWare, is that
way of expanding the free space something
that the O/S has difficulty with managing?

Any advise offered would be accepted in the spirit of helping this man .... Thanks

Mark Matthews
Respected Contributor

Re: Proliand w/Smart Array 642 Expand RAID thorugh external subsystem

Hi Thomas,

Easiest way would be to replace one drive at a time in the internal drive cage with a larger capacity one. (Let the array controller rebuild each one first before replacing the next)
Then once you've done all 6 drives, you'll have lots of free space available in the array.

Here, you can either expand the array (takes a LONG time, approx 15 mins per GB of data)
or create a new logical drive in the same array.

Dont know the ramifications of getting Netware to see the new logical drive but this is a common way of increasing space on Windows servers.


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