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Proliant 1000R

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Proliant 1000R

When starting the server with inserted smart start CD the PC didn#t do any access to the CD drive.
When creating a boot disk with the DOS ASPI driver FS2_ASPI.SYS the HDD and CD ROM is found.
But when starting the CD-ROM DOS driver FS2_CD.SYS a message occurs, No CD-ROM available or not found"
The CD-ROM is OK. I have test it with the same procedure on an Adaptec SCSI controller succesfully.
Is there any help??
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Re: Proliant 1000R


Please try the alternative drivers (FWS2ASPI.SYS and FWS2CD.SYS)at the following link. These should support the Symbios Logic 53C710 chipset used on the Proliant 1000.

It is also possible to set the boot order to A: C: CD: which might be bypassing the CD boot. This can be checked in the system configuration utility using F10 at POST.
Choose "System Configuration" then "Power On Defaults" and then "Set Standard Boot Order" and select the default A: CD: C:

If you can only boot from floppy and do not have a system partition (F10), you can build the 4 SCU diskettes from the following link.

I hope this helps.