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Proliant 110ML 4G, do not boot

Jens Alro
Occasional Visitor

Proliant 110ML 4G, do not boot

After the holiday I switch the server on. Only the fans (processor etc.) runs and after a while I get 3 beeps. Any idea what is wrong?


James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 110ML 4G, do not boot

Hello Jens,

Any RED LEDs ?

Re-seat Memories & PCI cards, if any.

Jens Alro
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant 110ML 4G, do not boot

No add on cards.

Only leds on motherboard is on. The two leds on the front is both off.

Have tried to change memory with out result.

Resolution Gauranteed
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Re: Proliant 110ML 4G, do not boot

Hi Jens,

Such issues may point to multiple failures
1)Check for power if the server gets appropriate power.Check for led's on power supplies
2)Perform the following procedures when POST fails to run, displays error messages, or emits beep codes.
If the POST failure is during a routine boot up, check the following:
â ¢ All external cables and power cables should be firmly plugged in.
â ¢ The power outlet to which the server is connected and is working.
â ¢ The server and monitor are both turned on. The bicolour status LED indicator on the front panel must be lit
up green.
â ¢ The monitor's contrast and brightness settings are correct.
â ¢ All internal cables are properly connected and all boards firmly seated.
â ¢ The processor is fully seated in its socket on the system board.
â ¢ The cooler assembly is properly installed on top of the processor.
â ¢ All memory modules are properly installed.
â ¢ If you have installed a PCI accessory board, verify that the board is firmly seated and any switches or
jumpers on the board are properly set. Refer to the documentation provided with the accessory board.
â ¢ All internal cabling and connections are in their proper order.
â ¢ If you have changed any switches on the system board, verify that each is properly set.

Try removing all the dimm and see if the server beeps if not then its a system board failure.
Also try swapping the power cables and the power supplies.
Also try minimum configuration i.e with one proc,min dimms and no pci cards..

Hope this info is usefull
All d best ..
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