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Proliant 1500 - Server and others


Proliant 1500 - Server and others

Hear the deal.
Some co. just donated the following:
3Ea - Proliant 1500
2Ea - Prosigm A
2Ea - Prosigm A MT
1Ea - Proliant 4/33S <-- Know 80486 base

I am use to working will Dell and HP server, I have not done a lot of work with Compaq Servers. They where donated to the school for
use in the Server+ Class's (tring to give each
student a server type of maching to work with)

The Maching all have H.D. in them as they where
recived today I have not realy had a chance to
look at them. Only clean out the years of dust.

What can you tell me about them?
What are my upgrade options?
Can I get some of them to at least 166mhz?
(Win2000 Server to install)
Would like to beable to make them dual or better processors

Martin Breidenbach
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 1500 - Server and others

There were server and desktop systems called Prosignia. I'm assuming you've got Prosignia server systems.

All these systems are OLD. It might be possible to upgrade the P1500 to single or dual P166 but this may require a different processor board (I'm not sure).

IMHO its a waste of time and money.

Re: Proliant 1500 - Server and others

Well i just got 4 Proliant 1500 Processor boards with 166 prosessor on them. Someone
donated them to the College. So we should be able to load win2000 now 2 are dual processor.

BTW Will I need a CD to configure the server like I do on a NetServer?

Got them all clean out. must have been 10 years of dust in them ;)