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Proliant 1600 Bios broken after rompaq

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Proliant 1600 Bios broken after rompaq


I have a proliant 1600 6/400R which I wanted to use as a test/play server.

I tried to applied the rompaq which seems to get stucked. I kept the Server running for an hour but the upgrade never finished.

After the restart the server doesn't boot any more. The server is doing nothing. No Bios message, no video output, no memory test - nothing.

my suggestion is that the Bios is dead.

So the question: is there any way to get the server running??

Thanks for any help

Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Proliant 1600 Bios broken after rompaq


We need to go for
System ROMpaq Disaster Recovery Procedure

Follow the following process:

Power down the server that contains the system ROM that needs to be restored.
Open the server chassis and record the default positions of the switches on the server's Configuration Maintenance Switch Pack. If possible, obtain the revision level of the System ROM firmware originally loaded. This information can be obtained from an INSPECT or Survey Report.
Set configuration switches 1, 4, 5, and 6 on systems with 6 switches, or switches 1,2,3 and 4 on systems with 4 switches on the system maintenance switch block to the ON position. Setting these switches to the ON position enables Disaster Recovery Mode on older ProLiant servers.

Insert the ROMPaq diskette into the diskette drive.
Power up the target server. The keyboard, mouse, and monitor will all be inactive.
When the server has powered up, the server will make two long beeps to indicate that it is in Disaster Recovery Mode. For systems with the Integrated Management Display, check the IMD display for: "Insert ROMPAQ diskette".

Insert the System ROMPaq diskette in the server's diskette drive. Check the IMD display for: "ROMPAQ flashing ROM". Then, the server will read the ROMPaq diskette for the latest ROM image and will proceed to flash the system ROM on the target server.

Flashing the System ROM should take a few minutes to complete. The procedure will take longer to complete on servers with Redundant ROMs since it is flashing two images; the primary and redundant.

Listen for a sequence of ascending (increasing) tone beeps after flashing is complete. Check for a message in the IMD that will indicate a successful operation is completed. The diskette drive may appear to still be in use, but the procedure is complete per the IMD messages and ascending tone beeps.

If the flashing fails, check for a message in the IMD display indicating the failure, and listen for a series of descending beeps will be generated. A second attempt should be made just in case the procedure should complete on that iteration. A quick series of beeps indicates successful completion of the system ROM recovery process.

When the disaster recovery process has successfully completed:

Remove the ROMPaq diskette from the drive and power down the server.

Return configuration switches 1, 4, 5, and 6 to their original positions.
Reassemble the server chassis.
Power up the server as usual.
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Re: Proliant 1600 Bios broken after rompaq

Thanks for the help, but the funny thing was after about few hours I tried again to restart the server and suddenly he came up with the old Bios version.

I am going and try the Bios upgrade again, and I have now a procedure to recover if it fails again.

Thanks a lot for the help